What is Digital Marketing - 
Digital Marketing is the process used to market goods and services to individuals using internet connected devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets. In order to connect and communicate with prospects, the Digital Marketer use channels such as social media, apps, websites, search engines and so forth because this is where the target market or communities 'hang out'.

Would My Business Benefit From Digital Marketing -
It definitely would. Consider this fact: at present 70% of persons young and 'old' presently access news, activities and events via internet connect mobile devices such as their phones. Avoiding digital marketing means avoiding the very media that your target audiences use daily.

Is The Mobile Phone a Useful Device - 

That is like asking the question "Do I need to eat to survive?" Clearly the answer is YES! Mobile phones are here to stay and they are considered to be the World's Economy 'Driver'. Think for a second how many faces are immersed in the phone day in and day out. People travelling on buses or the subway, faces are all down in the phone. That is how people communicate now. And quite frankly, we have not seen the possibilities as yet.

What is SEO and Is It Important-
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of adapting and implementing certain tools and techniques aimed at increasing both the quality and quantity of human traffic to a website via search engines. The sole idea here is for the website or websites to be found by the public after entering a search intent via keywords.
Given the fact that the majority of commercial website traffic comes through searches made on search engines, having your site SEO optimized increases the likelihood that your business will be found organically as opposed to having to pay for visits. So yes, SEO is indeed extremely important.

What is Local SEO - 
Local Search Engine Optimization is anything that you do to assist your online assets to generate business through local keyword searches. Local Keywords can be: "Auto Repair Near Me". The 'Near Me' definitely defines a geographic area and business that optimize their website efficiently and effectively should be at the top of the search engine list when keywords similar to the above are used.

What Are Keywords - 
Keywords are the words or phrases that people use in search engines to find solutions to questions and / or problems that they may have. They may also be looking for specific or general content that can assist them in research activities.

What is PPC -
PPC or Pay Per Click is term used by Sellers of Advertising using the Internet. People sell Advertising and people buy advertising using PPC and that is simply selling and buying ads based on persons clicking on the advertisement itself. You pay for the clicks.

How to Differentiate Your Business and Brand - 
With the prominence of the social media today, the BEST way to differentiate your business and your brand is to continuously add value via organic and paid methods. Your communication to your target market or 'customer avatar' should be about providing value always and at an emotional level as well. If you do not then your competition will.

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